Advanced Safety Certificate (ASC) Program

Advanced Safety Certificate (ASC) Program can maximize the impact you can make on your organization’s journey to safety excellence. The NSC’s Advanced Safety Certificate Program is aimed at developing high potential employees into Safety Practitioners that can help create a culture of safety. The curriculum goes beyond training to ensure participants can quickly identify hazards and implement corrective actions, develop and execute effective safety plans, think critically about safety, and solve occupational safety problems.

How do you complete the ASC Program?

Simply complete Principles of Occupational Safety & Health plus an additional 5.2 CEUs to earn your certification. See flyer for details.

Register for an ASC course

Starting 2023, all One-Day ASC Courses will be offered only via Distance Learning. Click on each distance learning course below for exact dates.

Mary Hoffman
Program Director

dl: (701) 751-6104
ph: (701) 223-6372
tf: (800) 932-8890

COSS Course

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