ECCS Employee Requirements

To gain entry to an ECCS member worksite, each employee must comply with the following requirements and submit corresponding documentation.

You must fill out an Annual Contractor Questionnaire at the beginning of January every year.

1. Safety Training 
Complete “Safety Training” every 3 years. Below is a list of accepted “Safety Trainings.” See section 2 of the ECCS Guidelines document for more information on the Common Training Process.

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2. Drug Test
Pass the 11-panel drug test (pictured below) every year, and submit to random testing and just-for-cause testing. See section 3 of the ECCS Guidelines document for complete description and exceptions. The new drug test panel below will replace the current 10-panel drug test. Employees won’t need to perform a new drug test until their current drug test expires. 

3. Exceptions & Additions to the ECCS Guidelines

• In addition to the ECCS requirements, Dakota Gasification Company requires a background check every 5 years to include verification of work history, social security number, education, references and qualifications. The background check must also include:

  1. Verification of U.S. citizenship or for non-US citizens, verification of legal authority to work in the U.S.
  2. Review of an individual’s criminal conviction record for the past seven years.
  3. Identification of any other information or knowledge the employer may possess indicating an individual may pose a risk to DGC, its personnel or its facilities.

• View the complete DGC Background Check Procedure.

• View the different background screening packages here. 

• Basin Electric accepts MSHA safety training in lieu of OSHA safety training at all Basin plant sites. Expiration of 1 year.

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Lisa Portra
Contractor Safety Programs Manager

dl: (701) 751-4949
ph: (701) 223-6372
tf: (800) 932-8890


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