Here at the NDSC, we’re often asked questions about OSHA inspections, and what to expect. Some of the most common questions…

• Why and when will OSHA show up to conduct an audit?
• What documents do we need to provide them?
• Does the company safety program cover all workplace hazards?

NDSC Safety Consultant John Young has more than 20 years of experience working in OSHA and can help you prepare for the potential of OSHA showing up on your doorstep. Young will be your second set of eyes helping to evaluate the hazards in your workplace. Young will provide OJT training as he conducts a Mock OSHA Audit on what your company may expect during an inspection.

Young’s Mock OSHA Audit will help match your program to your company’s actual hazards and help you identify any required training. He also assists in developing mitigation strategies for hazards that have been identified.

Interested in scheduling a mock OSHA inspection?

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