Talk Safety to Me is a podcast from the North Dakota Safety Council where we discuss safety at home, in the workplace and in our communities. Hosted by NDSC Executive Director Chuck Clairmont and Sr. Marketing & Communications Manager Tia Streeter, Talk Safety to Me is recorded in Bismarck, ND, and can be heard on Radio Access 102.5 FM and online at or right here at

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Episode 19 “Northern Improvement and NDSC Awards with Nate Sandberg”

Safety/Environmental Manager Nate Sandberg of Northern Improvement talks with host Chuck Clairmont about joining the NDSC Board of Directors. Plus, hear about how Nate got his start in safety and just how deep his roots with Northern Improvement go.

Episode 18 “Mental Health First Aid with Mary Hoffman”

Program Director Mary Hoffman digs into the importance of the NDSC’s latest training, Mental Health First Aid. Hear why this course is crucial for our communities and our workplaces. Plus, the 51st Annual NDSC Safety + Health Conference and Giving Hearts Day!

Episode 17 “Run 4 Change”

NDSC CEO Chuck Clairmont speaks to Tom Deutscher about Run 4 Change. The event started because of the tragic death of Deutscher’s son Aaron and his wife Allison, their daughter Brielle and their unborn child in 2012 when a drunk driver struck the family’s vehicle. Learn more about the Run 4 Change during this episode.

Episode 16 “Passing through the Storm; Dangers of Distracted Driving”

Safety Consultant Dennis Snodgrass discusses his very personal story of losing a loved one to Distracted Driving. How that motivated his passion for safety and training, plus, don’t miss his bucket list item.

Episode 15 “Ergonomics in the Workplace”

Jeanne DeKrey, PT, DPT for CHI St. Alexius Health discusses with NDSC Executive Director Chuck Clairmont ergonomics. We find out what role ergonomics plays in the workplace and how you can get grant funding to make changes where you work.

Episode 14 “WSI Director Art Thompson & the NDSC Conference”

New WSI Director Art Thompson joins NDSC Executive Director Chuck Clairmont to discuss the unique role that WSI plays in worker safety. Find out about new WSI programs, and those that you may not have ever heard of before that can create a safety difference in your workplace.

Episode 13 “Mental Health, OSHA 30 & More”

Associated Builders and Contractors of MN/ND’s Dale Larson joins NDSC CEO Chuck Clairmont. We discuss NRASP, a SPECIAL OSHA 30 course, what ABC is doing with a whole health approach to safety and so much more.

Episode 12 “One Basin One Way with Ron Ness”

North Dakota Petroleum Council President Ron Ness sits down with Chuck and Tia to talk about the successful three years of training with One Basin One Way. Plus, what’s new for OBOW courses that will help create a more focused training mentality in the Bakken.

Episode 11 “Community Safety & Safetember”

Community Safety Manager Kathy Zander talks to Chuck and Tia about how her role at the Safety Council has changed over the years and just how busy Emergency Operations Planning is. Plus, hear about the September event Safetember at the NDSC.

Episode 10 “Bilingual Courses with Safety Consultant Aglae Young”

Aglae Young has been with the NDSC for 8 years. She tells us about her favorite courses to teach, and her unique background. Plus, don’t miss the story of why CPR is the most special course she teaches. It’s a story about heartbreak, but also the power of giving back.

Episode 9 “Workplace Safety and Understanding OSHA with John Young”

NDSC Safety Consultant and former OSHA Bismarck Area Assistant Director John Young gives us an insider take on what makes some companies more successful with safety than others. Plus, don’t miss how he got started playing the bagpipes don’t miss this fascinating conversation with John and NDSC Executive Director Chuck Clairmont and Senior Communications and Marketing Manager Tia Streeter.

Episode 8 “Safety Leadership with Board Member Jason Uhlir”

Executive Director Chuck Clairmont and Senior Communications and Marketing Manager Tia Streeter talk with Jason Uhlir. Jason is the Safety Manager with Minnkota and also an NDSC Board Member.

Episode 7 “Board Member Randy Niles and the 49th Annual Safety Conference”

Chuck and NDSC Board Member Randy Niles discuss how safety picked him. Randy is the Safety Manager for American Crystal Sugar and a very serious foodie!

Episode 6 “Annual Safety Conference & Giving Hearts Day”

Listen to Chuck and Kristin talk about our Annual Health Conference and Giving Hearts Day!

Episode 5 “Holiday Safety Tips”

Listen to our Information Manager, Terry Alveshere talk about the Halloween Chicken story (you don’t want to miss this story)! Terry also provides some great safety tips for a safe Holiday season!

Episode 4 “Emergency Operations Planning”

Meet our Training Director, Don Moseman. Learn how YOU can prevent tragedy rather than only reacting to it and how to protect your most valuable resource…which is your people!

Episode 3 – “Hunting Safety”

We talked to our resident hunting expert and safety consultant John Woutat. Listen to him explain why “kicking out urine on a regular basis” is vital for hunter safety.

Episode 2 – “Driver Safety”

We sit down with our Driver Safety Manager, Terry Weaver. Listen as she answers a difficult “Would you rather?” question about dangerous driving.

Episode 1 – “Meet Chuck!”

Meet NDSC’s Executive Director, Chuck Clairmont. Does he cry when talking about his passion for safety? Tune in to find out!