Taking Safety Essentials and other Site-Specific courses through the Link System at the NDSC Campus

The (NDSC) North Dakota Safety Council can now offer the Safety Essential courses required by Marathon. You cannot pre-purchase the Safety Essential courses through your own account via the HASC LINK platform if you plan on taking the course at the NDSC campus – NDSC must purchase the courses for the courses to be available at our campus.

If a trainee fails a course, the trainee can immediately retake the course, after repurchasing. Please contact the NDSC prior to sending Trainees to the NDSC Campus to assure or request available space.

Training Options:

  • Large group – 15 or more trainees at one time

Contact the NDSC to secure the proctored training room. Please contact us as soon as you can to reserve the room as we do offer other proctored training courses in that room.

  • Less than 15 trainees at one time

Contact the NDSC to ensure there are seats available, but walk-ins are allowed. This could be done days in advance as well as the day of. 

Darcy Turcotte – (701) 751-6109

Mary Hoffman – (701) 751-6104


Pricing is based on the number of trainees using the training room at the same time.


  1. Contractors will contact the NDSC to secure available space.
  2. Contractor will provide the NDSC with the following information for each trainee:
    1. Required Courses
    2. First Name
    3. Last Name
    4. SS#
  3. The NDSC will create the trainee’s profile in the LINK platform.
  4. The NDSC will purchase the required courses.
  5. Trainees will arrive at the NDSC campus on date and time agreed upon.
  6. The NDSC will guide the trainee through the required courses.
    1. If the trainee fails the course, NDSC can repurchase the course and allow the trainee to immediately retake the course.
    2. Note: when you retake the course, you must retake the course in its entirety…not just the test. 
  7. Once the trainee has completed all courses, the NDSC will print out a verification sheet and provide it to the trainee.
  8. The NDSC will guide the trainee through downloading and securing the LINK Mobile App.
    1. This is where the trainee will see their completed course work.
    2. Trainees will use this at the Marathon gate check.
    3. Marathon gate will then enter the trainee’s information into their system to create a badge.
    4. Note: Contactor must request a badge print from Marathon at least one day prior to sending out their employees to the jobsite. 
  9. Trainees will need to bring their device to display their complete course history, or the printed completion sheet they receive from the NDSC after they complete their courses.

The NDSC Computer Lab is open 8AM – 5PM Monday through Friday. 

Please allow sufficient time to complete your required course(s) within that timeframe.