Reduce Points

So you got a ticket and now you’re stuck with points on your driving record. We can help with that and hopefully teach you a thing or two about safe driving along the way. And no, we won’t lecture you about your ticket….we’ll leave that to your mom (or whoever the loving, nurturing figure is in your life).

Here’s how it works:
In North Dakota your license will be suspended when you accumulate 12 points. If you’re under the age of 18, your license will be cancelled after 6 points.

  1. Complete a course approved by the ND Department of Transportation (see below)
  2. Receive an official certificate of completion (after you pay)
  3. Turn your certificate into the ND DOT for consideration

Courses That Qualify For A Point Reduction

Frequently Asked Questions

A: After you pay for and complete an approved course, we’ll provide you with a certificate of completion. If you attended the course for an insurance discount or point reduction on your ND license, it is your responsibility to send the certificate to your insurance agent and/or the DOT or court that referred you.

For an insurance discount, forward the top portion of the certificate to your insurance agent.

To receive a point reduction, you may either email a scanned copy of your certificate to or forward the bottom portion to:

Driver’s License Division
ND Department of Transportation
608 East Boulevard
Bismarck, ND 58505

A: Taking an approved course could help you avoid a license suspension but WILL NOT cancel a mandatory suspension or violation, nor will it cancel any action already being taken against your driving record.

A: If your license is not issued by the NDDOT, contact your state DOT to see if one of these courses qualifies in your state.

A. If you lose your certificate, there is a $10 replacement fee to obtain a new one. Contact the NDSC at 701-223-6372 or 800-932-8890 to submit your request.

Terry Weaver
Driver Safety Manager

dl: (701) 751-6106
ph: (701) 223-6372
tf: (800) 932-8890

Have questions regarding your license, points or paying for a ticket?

Please call the ND Department of Transportation at 701-328-2600.

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– Terry Weaver