About the North Dakota Safety Council

The North Dakota Safety Council provides community and workplace safety training and advocacy throughout North Dakota. As a private, non-profit organization, the NDSC is supported through grants, donations, memberships and training revenue. Our dedicated safety advocates work hard every day to keep families whole and make North Dakota the safest state in the nation.

The ND Safety Council focuses on four key areas:

In the workplaces, on our roads, and in our homes and communities, the ND Safety Council strives to educate and instill a safety mindset in all aspects of life.

The NDSC Mission: We are dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives.

The NDSC Vision: Make North Dakota the safest state in the nation.

Our Core Values

LEADERSHIP: We lead by example and with integrity – checking our ego at the door and taking responsibility for our actions. We assume the best of each other and do the right thing, even when it’s difficult. We value teamwork, communication, and empowering our people.

PEOPLE: We are a family organization whose strength comes from our genuine, honest and reliable people. We are passionate about safety and willing to go the extra mile. We know how to have fun and value personal connections.

GROWTH: Our organization plans and builds for the long-term and invests in continuous improvement. We have the courage to change and take risks.

EXECUTION: At our core, we are a safety organization that provides memorable and engaging training. We take pride in our work and are an accurate and up-to-date resource.

Want to see what NDSC is all about?

The History of the NDSC

  • 1948

    NDSC Was Born

  • 1961

    Incorporated as a Non-Profit


  • 1974

    NDSC Annual Conference Began

  • 2007

    First Aid Program Established


  • 2008

    Home & Community Department was Created

  • 2017

    NDSC Builds A New Safety Campus


  • 2020

    Distance Learning training introduced

  • 2023

    50th Annual Safety + Health Conference


Learn more about what the North Dakota Safety Council offers by visiting our Workplace Safety and Community Safety webpages. Curious about the passion-driven group of people who work to pursue the NDSC mission, day in and day out? Visit our staff page for all the details!