Become an authorized ECCS contractor

Each contractor, whether you are considered a prime contractor or sub-contractor, must be approved by the ECCS. Follow these steps to become compliant with ECCS workplace standards.

ECCS step 2

Review the Type of Work Matrix downloaded in step one to identify safety requirements for all potential work you may perform for an ECCS member.

Click here for example

Download the ECCS Self Audit Checklist for each safety program the Work Matrix requires you to submit.

ECCS step 3

ECCS Application for Approval
OSHA 300 and 300A Logs
EMF or EMR Verification Letter
Completed Self Audits
Company Safety Programs

Please allow up to two weeks for contractor approval.
First round of review is free.
Each additional review is $150.

Not sure if your company is a member of NDSC? Click here to find out!

Lisa Portra
Contractor Safety Programs Manager

dl: (701) 751-4949
ph: (701) 223-6372
tf: (800) 932-8890


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