ECCS Frequently Asked Questions

You may get your drug test or background check from any qualified drug testing or background check company.

Please click here for more information on Dakota Gasification Company’s requirements.

Did you know you can get your drug test right on the NDSC Safety Campus? Click here!

Did you know NDSC offers background checks? Click here for more info!

Certified lab, minimum 10-panel drug screen. Proof of testing from a certified lab must be available upon request. All drug screens must be signed by a medical review officer.

All entries received before 4pm Monday through Friday will be entered the same day it is received. Submissions received after 4pm weekdays, weekends, and holidays will be entered the next business day.

After the NDSC approves the submission (see above schedule), you may view the employee by logging in using your user ID and password. From the Central Control Panel, choose “Employee Record Search”.

Click on the graphic on the ECCS web homepage titled “Become An Authorized Contractor” to gain access to an ECCS site.” This portion of the website will walk you through, step-by-step, how to become an authorized contractor.

Being a member of the NDSC is not required, but we highly recommend becoming a member.

When you become a member of the NDSC you receive reduced rates on training and can be direct billed for ECCS employee updates. You also receive training updates to ensure you can find training when and where you need it. If you do not become an NDSC member, credit card information is required when submitting employee information. Click here to view a complete list of member benefits.

First, you have to be an authorized contractor. If you’re not, click on “Become an Authorized Contractor” to get registered. After that, you’ll click on “Authorized Contractor Login” on the ECCS homepage. After logging in, click “Upload Employee Information” and follow the form. Other steps to keep in mind:

  1. You need to review employee requirements to ensure your employees are in compliance.
  2. Once employees have received their OSHA safety training, their lab-certified drug test or their background check (if working at DGC), then upload their training dates into the online form in Central Control under “Upload Employee Training”.

You may take an OSHA 10- or 30-hour or the ECCS Refresher from any provider who is a qualified trainer. Click here to view a list of approved trainings.

Yes, just visit our tutorials page for video tutorials on how to submit employee training data, run reports, search employees, and more.

You can always get a copy of your receipt from our website.  Just click on the “Trainee’s” tab, then go over to the “Import Training Admin” tab.  If you click on the Order ID #, you’ll find your receipt.  If you’d like to see a copy of the form you submitted, just click on the blue diamond on the left.”

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Contractor Safety Manager

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