Workforce Training

When it comes to creating a well-trained workforce, the NDSC has you covered. But be prepared – we set the bar high. Whether it’s compliance training or a safety management course, your time with us will be anything but ordinary. So when you show up for class, be ready to engage, interact, and enjoy a memorable training experience.


“This was the best class I ever had! The instructor kept the class engaging the whole time and it was actually fun.” NDSC Student


“The instructor had real world experience and put things into perspective from his own experiences in the field.” – NDSC Student

Karen Selensky
Workplace Manager

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Did you know?

You can rent NDSC’s training tower!

“I have a twin brother who is a construction manager. He has a lot of responsibility resting on his shoulders in a hazardous industry. Keeping people safe while getting work done is a balancing act, but cutting corners is never an option. Even though I work at the Safety Council and he works in construction, in the end, we both essentially have the same job – keeping people safe on the job. That’s inspiring to me.”

– Karen Selensky