A study from Penn State says, “Without an appropriate setting, learning is unlikely to succeed.”

Translation: without hands-on training, students are bored. And when students are bored, they’re not learning!

The NDSC set out on a mission to make impactful, hands-on safety training accessible, right here in North Dakota. The “appropriate setting” that Penn State was talking about? We wanted to create it. And with the support of our donors, our dream became reality in August 2017.

When you first enter the campus, you’ll see an outdoor engineered dirt training arena utilized for equipment operator and trenching and excavation training. Inside you’ll find 4,200 square feet of space dedicated to the hands-on training lab. This lab is connected to our high-tech classrooms, making it easy for students to transition in and out for hands-on exercises.

Now, even the most standard safety training classes have hands-on components. Because what’s ladder safety training without actually climbing a ladder? Boring – that’s what it is. But not here.

Exterior Building Photos

Basin Electric Power Cooperative Training Room

Computer Lab

Tom & Frances Leach Foundation Board Room

Training Lab Classroom

Marathon Hands-On Training Lab

Dakota Medical Foundation Kitchen, Enbridge Industry Lounge & Breakroom

Upstairs Offices, Front Desk & Upstairs Work Room

Consolidated Construction East Overlook, MDU Resources Patio & Oneok West Overlook

Gate City Bank Lobby & Corridors, Main Entrance & Parking Lot

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