Reasonable Suspicion

NDSC’s Reasonable Suspicion training will give supervisors from all industries valuable training on the management of drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace. Supervisors will learn what they need to look for, and actions to take if someone seems unfit for duty. In addition to learning how to perform reasonable suspicion/cause testing, they will also learn WHY it is important to do so. Other topics include: important elements of a comprehensive substance abuse policy, and the greatest risk categories for drug and alcohol abuse among worker populations.

Who needs this?

• Companies who employ commercial drivers.

• US Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations state that any supervisor in a role with commercial drivers needs reasonable suspicion training.

• Companies enrolled in WSI’s Drug Free Workplace program who have elected to have reasonable suspicion testing as one of their mandatory methods must have a designated supervisor trained.

• Companies wishing to take a proactive approach to drug and alcohol use among employees.


• Reduces overall risk in the workplace.

• Fulfills supervisor training requirements for reasonable suspicion testing.

• Complies with US DOT 49 CFR 382.603 training requirements.

• Fights workplace substance abuse.

Kathy Zander
Community Safety Manager

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