ECCS Refresher Training

Become an authorized trainer for the ECCS Refresher Classroom Courses

To become an authorized trainer for the ECCS Refresher classroom courses, you must meet the qualifications set by the ECCS.

To be placed on the ECCS Refresher – Authorized Trainer list:

1. You must currently be authorized to teach the OSHA General Industry or Construction courses.

2. Complete the ECCS Refresher – Outreach Trainer Approval Form

a. Include a copy of both sides of your OSHA Trainer Card.

3. Once received, the ECCS Administrator will review your credentials and keep them on file for future reference.

a. You will receive a confirmation email when the form has been received. If you do not receive an email, please call 701-223-6372.

b. If you meet the requirements set by the ECCS, you will be added to the list of authorized trainers.

c. If there are any questions on your credentials or approval form, the ECCS Administrator will contact you for more information.

Guidelines for Teaching the ECCS Refresher Classroom Course 

Follow the curriculum outlined by the ECCS.

Verify each student in your class has completed an OSHA 10- or 30-Hour course by having them show their OSHA Completion Card, or other approved documentation of training.

Utilize the approved student roster, and document each student’s OSHA completion date.

This roster should be saved for proof of training in case of an audit by the ECCS.

Submit an ECCS Refresher – Program Report after completion of course.

a. This report will include a summary of topics covered during the course, and an uploaded student roster with all student’s OSHA completion dates.