Being a part of a business – employee, server or owner – grants you the responsibility to be educated in preventing alcohol abuse and underage drinking.

The Responsible Beverage Server training protects both the establishment and employees from liability concerns, and the customers from the dangers of irresponsible alcohol consumption.

What are the benefits of RBS Training?
Completion of this training will give servers the tools to identify potential underage customers, false IDs and common signs of overconsumption. RBS certified managers, servers and sellers will:

  • Understand the effects and consequences of alcohol use and abuse.
  • Recognize the importance of implementing and upholding local laws and business policies that prevent underage and binge drinking.
  • Be prepared to handle situations where these laws and policies are challenged.
  • Promote the overall health and safety of their patrons by providing responsible customer services.

Plus, additional protections are provided under North Dakota law for companies who implement alcohol server training.

Start implementing RBS training in your business today!

Kathy Zander
Community Safety Manager

ph: (701) 223-6372
tf: (800) 932-8890
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Did you know?

NDSC offers Reasonable Suspicion training