Responsible Beverage Server training protects establishments and employees from liability concerns and protects customers from the dangers of irresponsible alcohol consumption. North Dakota law provides additional protections for companies that implement alcohol server training.

Reduce Risk and Empower Your Employees

Do you want to …

  • Build Your Business? Trained servers and bartenders can help maintain revenue and even increase profits.
  • Reduce Your Risk? Establishments that train their staff may be able to reduce their liability exposure and realize reduced insurance rates. 
  • Empower Your Employees? Ensure your servers and bartenders know how much to serve, when someone has had too much and how to handle overserved patrons.
  • Cultivate a Stronger Culture? Responsible Beverage Server training helps communities and businesses cultivate a culture of safety and responsibility.

Start implementing RBS training in your business today!

Who Should Take This Training?

NDSC offers three training modules.


Completion of RBS training will give trainees the tools to identify potential underage customers, false IDs and common signs of overconsumption. RBS certified managers, servers and sellers will: understand the effects and consequences of alcohol use and abuse; recognize the importance of implementing and upholding local laws and business policies that prevent underage and binge drinking; be prepared to handle situations where these laws and policies are challenged, and; promote the overall health and safety of their patrons by providing responsible customer service.

Being a part of a business – employee, server or owner – grants you the responsibility to be educated in preventing alcohol abuse and underage drinking. It protects both the establishment and employees from liability concerns, and the customers from the dangers of irresponsible alcohol consumption.

Every server, owner, manager of an establishment who serves or sells alcohol can benefit from this training.

A single online training module takes 60-90 minutes to complete.

Currently, it is not a legal requirement at the state level. However, many communities have ordinances that require server training for liquor establishments to obtain and secure a liquor license.

In 2015, Governor Dalrymple signed House Bill 1416 into law, reducing the liability of retail alcohol licensees when their employees complete an alcohol server training such as the NDSC’s RBS program. Click here to learn more.

Certifications for Basic Server, Large Event and Owner/Manager training are valid for three years. After three years, a refresher course must be completed. Trainer certification acquired through the RBS Train-the-Trainer program does not expire.

Training is available online and in person. Learn about your options here, and contact the NDSC to learn more about training in your area or to set up a training session.

All trainees who successfully complete an RBS training course receive a certificate. You may also call the North Dakota Safety Council to see if the employee is listed in our RBS Database.

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Did you know?

NDSC offers Reasonable Suspicion training