Emergency Operations Planning

All facilities face a certain level of risk associated with various threats. These threats may be the result of natural events, unintentional incidents, or intentional acts of violence. Regardless of the nature of the threat, facility owners have a responsibility to limit or manage these risks. Let the NDSC help prepare you and your employees in three easy steps.

Step 1: Assess

Our Building & Emergency Risk Assessments and School Security Assessments will help you be proactive with safety and security measures. We offer risk assessments for companies and schools.

Step 2: Plan

Let the NDSC assist you with writing a customized Emergency Operations Plan based on best practices from OSHA, FEMA, and the Dept. of Homeland Security.

Kathy Zander
Community Protection Manager

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Is your workplace prepared for a medical emergency?

NDSC offers First Aid workplace training!

“Every day, when I drop my kids off at school, I need to believe they are in a safe environment and they’ll be there waiting after school. I can’t imagine the nightmare parents and kids have gone through in school shootings. And that’s what drives me.”

– Kathy Zander