Can you plan for an emergency? Yes, and you SHOULD.

While school’s out for summer, ensuring a strong and safe learning environment never takes a break. Even when the world was on hold during the pandemic, teachers kept teaching so students could keep learning, safely.

While students will be in the classroom this fall how do we ensure schools are safe — physically, hygienically and emotionally? Building design and adequate staffing are part of the equation but planning and training are the key to safety.

That’s where the NDSC comes in. The NDSC has the school safety expertise to help districts assess, plan and train district employees to ensure that employees and students are safe in the face of natural disasters or school violence. The NDSC also provides DPI-required school bus driver training classes in person and in a virtual environment.

“It’s about more than having a plan. It’s about practicing the plan and making sure staff and teachers are prepared and ready to respond in any scenario,” says Kathy Zander, Community Safety Program Manager.

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