You don’t need a campfire for nighttime fun

As families head to the lake, the backyard or the badlands this summer, a campfire may be tempting, but it isn’t worth the risk. North Dakota’s drought continues, and fire danger remains high. All but eight counties have burn ban restrictions in place.

While campers may miss those traditional fire blackened, ash-flavored marshmallows, campers can find lots of fun without the fire (or a fire incident)!

Five fun nighttime activities that don’t require a campfire:

  1. Nighttime hiking – Experience a trail in the dark – discover the sounds and scents of nighttime hiking. You won’t get lost if you choose a familiar path, bring spare batteries for your flashlight, and stay relatively close to your campsite.
  2. Stargazing – Without a fire you’ll find the sky is ablaze with stars. Research the constellations and the myths behind the constellations. You can find several smartphone apps to help you see the stories in the stars.
  3. Flashlight tag – One person counts to 10 or 20 while the rest hide nearby. Light up the hiders with a flashlight.
  4. Long exposure photos — Use flashlights to draw with light, and long exposure options on your phone or camera to capture your light drawings.
  5. Glow in the dark bowling — Get six or more two-liter bottles, fill with water and place a glow stick inside of the bottles. Next, line them up in a triangular shape and use a ball to knock them down.

Remember, plenty of good, safe fun can be had without a fire. Download more summer safety tips here.

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