Thanks for joining us each year to walk, run, honor and remember Aaron, Allison, Brielle and Unborn Baby Deutscher.

July 6, 2012 – Aaron, Allison, Brielle and Unborn Baby Deutscher were traveling to attend a family reunion. Brielle was only a year and a half old and her baby sibling would arrive in December. The family was active, healthy and focused on family. Aaron and Allison were avid sports enthusiasts – Allison played softball and ran half marathons and Aaron played softball and soccer. Brielle even got in on the action as Aaron was teaching her how to kick a soccer ball. As they traveled toward Bismarck, they were struck by a drunk driver on Interstate 94 and all five involved in the crash were tragically killed. This preventable incident broke the hearts of family and friends, and shook communities statewide.

The Run4Change was started to bring something positive out of this tragedy and over the years hundreds of people have supported, volunteered and participated in the walk/run.

Interested in volunteering the day before the race, or the day of? Email Tia at