Arc Flash Electrical Safety [Based on NFPA 70E]: Qualified Person

Get the refresher training your Qualified Personnel need, but in a live virtual format! In partnership with NTT, the NDSC will host virtual training events at their training sites. Students will benefit from a dynamic instructor-led course while interacting with a live trainer based out of Colorado.

This course meets the requirements specified for 3-year refresher training in the NFPA70E standard: “Retraining in safety-related work practices and applicable changes in this standard shall be performed at intervals not to exceed 3 years.”

o Electrical workers
o Maintenance techs
o Safety and Electrical Managers
o HSE Personnel
o Electrical Contractors
o Other qualified electrical workers

o Risk assessment procedure; the hierarchy of risk controls and human errors
o Establishing an electrically-safe work condition that includes Lockout/Tag out principles and procedures
o Estimate of the likelihood of occurrence of an arc flash incident for AC and DC systems
o Selection of arc-rated clothing and other personal protective equipment (PPE) using the incident energy analysis method

o Learn to identify the hazards of an electrical job
o Assess what can be done to eliminate hazards
o Understand methods of mitigating hazards
o Explore how to use best industry practices to comply with requirements

This course will address anything above 50 volts. If you have taken an NFPA 70E course before, this course is a good refresher to reinforce key points and review changes from 2015-2018. If you haven’t taken an NFPA 70E course, you can still benefit as the instructor will cover the majority of the same content but in a condensed format.

Course Length
1 day (8 hours)

Private Course
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