Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving eLearning Instructor Certification Course

Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving (ADD) is an 8-hour advanced behavior-based course for drivers with poor driving habits and risky driving behaviors, or those who have multiple traffic violations or had their license suspended.

The online ADD trainer-the-trainer program combines the core knowledge and principles of defensive driving with proven-effective facilitation methods. Candidate instructors learn the necessary skills to teach a successful NSC driver safety program through interactive, scenario-based training. After successfully completing the program, instructors will be able to:

• Teach drivers with varying skill levels, attitudes and behaviors
• Understand how to identify each driver’s strengths and weaknesses
• Provide personalized, practical solutions to problematic situations
• Demonstrate the knowledge and confidence of a driver safety professional
• Deliver an engaging,positive learning experience
• Motivate people to be safer and more responsible drivers

ADD eLearning Certification Course Modules

• Defensive Driving Course Foundation Covers defensive driving principles and strategies, terminology, and more
• Defensive Driving Course Facilitation Focuses on the instructor’s role in the classroom, learning styles and techniques of classroom management
• Choice Theory Content from Choice Theory by William Glasser, MD, and how to apply choice theory techniques for adopting new behaviors
• Course Specific Training After mastering the previous modules, the candidate instructor will learn the content from the selected Defensive Driving Course
• Optional 1-Day Instructor Development Opportunity If you’re new to training, or just want more guidance before teaching the DDC program, we highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity. Once you complete the eLearning program, call us to learn about upcoming training dates.

An Instructor Resource Kit ($795 value) is included with the purchase of the Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving eLearning Instructor Certification online program. This includes your Instructor Manual, Multimedia Presentation, Participant Course Guide, Certificate of Completion, Reference Material and Administrative Guidelines and your first year of Instructor Certification.

Course Length
3 days (24 hours)

Private Course
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