Adverse Weather Driving Course

Reduce your risk in winter driving with this 4-hour DRIVER SAFETY COURSE. This course is designed to help you make better driving decisions when winter strikes. It makes a great refresher for experienced drivers and is an eye-opener for those who are new to North Dakota’s roads.

The instructor will discuss how you can reduce your risk in different weather conditions and top factors that cause crashes in inclement weather. Attendees will also learn about how weather affects each different type of road surface, and laws associated with the different road types. This will include how each vehicle type handles differently and how you can prepare your vehicle for winter.

The instructor will also discuss specific driving skills and traffic rules that can increase your safety while driving in winter conditions, including:

• proper following distances
• differences between driving on snow and ice
• braking, steering and acceleration skills
• driving in close proximity to snow plows
• fatigue management in winter
• what to do when markings are covered
• right of way requirements in winter
• considerations for passing in adverse weather
• skill differences based on driver age
• nighttime driving skills

This course qualifies for insurance discount in North Dakota.

Course Length
4 hours

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