Social Media Safety for Schools

When it comes to online safety, social media has its own unique set of problems that can go far beyond the online predator horror stories. Cyberbullying is among those problems. In one report, 72% of children reported being cyberbullied because of how they look or dress. It’s important for us to have a strong understanding of how to safely navigate this online landscape. The NDSC’s safety experts can help by teaching you basic principles that can be applied for safe use of social media sites.

Two customized presentations are available:

School Staff: We’ll take an in-depth look at what sites are being used by your students and the unique purposes behind each different platform. Then we’ll receive national best practices for social media policy and how those policies can reduce the risk of violence from social media encounters.

Students: Learn what sites predators are using and how students can avoid the dangers. We’ll review national best practices for a social media safety and how students can reduce their risk of violence and cyber bullying from social media encounters.

Course Length
1 hour

Private Course
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