Saturday, October 1, 2022

NDSC Safety Campus – Bismarck, ND

For many years, the Run4Change event has been managed by the family and friends of Aaron, Allison, Brielle and Unborn Baby Deutscher – the young family that was tragically killed on July 6, by a drunk driver. The Run was started to create change in what people perceive as normal and acceptable – having a few drinks and then driving home. In reality, it is a poor decision to drink and drive and that decision could end up having a tragic impact on hundreds of people.

After holding the run for several years and having great success, the family and friends are ready to let go and hand over the management of the event to the North Dakota Safety Council. We are stepping up to secure sponsors, plan and implement the event, and continue the legacy of educating and funding activities that change behaviors surrounding preventable injuries and fatalities on our roadways.

Please join the North Dakota Safety Council, the Deutscher family, the Mickelson family and all their friends in making this another successful year.