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Safety News & Events

OSHA and Partners Sign Trenching Alliance to Keep Excavation Workers Safe

The North Dakota Safety Council, as part of the OSHA Coalition of Trenching Partners in North Dakota, is working to advance the health and safety of those working with trenching and excavating in the construction and energy industries.

Please Use Caution Around Vehicles Hauling Hazardous Materials

As summer ramps up, so does hazardous material transportation on North Dakota’s roads and highways. The NDSC in partnership with the ND Highway Patrol encourages motorists to exercise extreme caution when encountering trucks with hazmat loads, and to never pass a hazmat truck stopped at a railroad crossing.

Prevent Hot Car Deaths and Heatstroke

The temperatures are climbing throughout North Dakota. When it’s hot outside, it’s even hotter inside a car. In just 10 minutes, the heat inside a car can become deadly.
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