Andy’s Credentials

Andy has been working in the construction/trucking/mining industry since he started working for Northern Improvement in 2002.  After working with Northern for two years, Andy went to work for MVP in Mandan where he attained his CDL and was also a certified propane technician.  Andy then moved on to work for Pioneer construction as a truck driver and equipment operator.  In 2005 he accepted a job at BNI coal and spent 8 years as a heavy equipment operator.  He started Heidrich Trucking in 2013 hauling grain and other bulk commodities from South Dakota up into Canada.  2015 took Andy to Dickinson, where he spent 3 ½ years as a trucking foreman for Rock Solid Express. His final stop before joining the North Dakota Safety Council was Falkirk Mine as a heavy equipment operator from 2018 until 2023.


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ANDY HEIDRICH, Safety Consultant


What do you do at NDSC?
I am the MSHA and Heavy Equipment instructor (in training). I will be teaching new miner courses and also annual refresher training for experienced miners. My background covers everything from farming to firefighting and road construction to coal mining.

Why is NDSC’s mission to prevent injuries and save lives important to you?
Preventing injuries and saving lives with the NDSC is important to me for one simple reason. FAMILY. Everybody owes it to their families and themselves to work safe every day and get home to the ones they love and the ones that love them. I will make it my mission to ensure that new and experienced miners alike will have the knowledge to work safely each and every day.

What are your hobbies?
I have several hobbies mostly based outdoors.  I am a huge motor head.  I have three Harleys that ShoShawna and I love to ride.  I love racing so after I sold my race car we still try to make it a point to get to the track as often as possible.  Most every weekend in the summer you will find us on our boat either anchored in Marina Bay or floating on the river somewhere.  And pretty much year round will find us fishing or hunting.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?
I am not extremely picky as to where I would want to travel as long as it is warm and sandy.  If I had to choose I would say Hawaii.  I have been there twice and have had a blast both times.

Favorite singer/band/song?
Favorite singer/band/song changes on a daily/weekly/ monthly basis.  My I tunes account leaves people baffled since it has everything from AC/DC to Johnny Cash to Frank Sinatra and even a whole bunch of Irish folk music.

What animal most closely matches your personality?
I will have to say that my personality matches best with a dog.  I am loyal and I enjoy digging in the dirt.  I love a good steak to chew on.  And I love playing catch with the kids in the back yard!

What store would you pick to max out your credit card?
I would probably max my credit card out pretty easily at Roughrider Harley.  There are always new parts and accessories you “need” when you have three bikes in the garage.

Who would play you in a movie?
I feel like if somebody were to play me in a movie it would kind of depend on what the movie was about.  But my top three choices would have to be Steve Carell, Ryan Reynolds, or Owen Wilson.

What is your favorite movie, book and TV show?
My favorite movies (because there is more than one) would be the Boondock Saints movies.  Tons of action and comedy! I cant name just one book but I can pretty much sit down with anything from Louis L’Amour and know that I am going to enjoy it.  And my favorite TV show is older than I am and I’m not sure how many people have heard of it,  but if you are a fan of John Cleese I highly recommend you check out Fawlty Towers!

Andy’s Testimonials

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