The NDSC has proudly partnered with these organizations to save YOU money. By being an NDSC member, you’ll enjoy free or discounted services through these organizations. Check out all the benefits they offer down below.

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As a CSU Learning Partner, NDSC members receive tuition discounts and more.

Take advantage of your NDSC Membership AND pursue your degree! The NDSC has teamed up with Columbia Southern University as a Learning Partner, meaning you get reduced tuition, plus many additional benefits.

CSU offers online degree programs, giving you the freedom to pursue your degree, on your own terms, at your own pace, while studying anywhere you choose.

As an NDSC Member, you receive access to the exclusive Learning Partner benefits, including:

• 10% tuition discount on all classes
• Exclusive scholarship opportunities – learn more or apply now!
• Textbooks at no cost
• No application fee
• Complimentary access to CSU’s writing and math specialists through the Student Success Center
• Flexible start dates
• Complimentary evaluation of previously earned college credits and training/professional certifications for consideration of transfer credit. Learn how you can turn safety training into college credit.

Get Started Today!
Learn about degree opportunities and apply for scholarships on our Learning Partner landing page.

If you are already attending CSU, you can take advantage of the discount!
Just contact your current CSU rep to have the North Dakota Safety Council partnership discount added to your record so it can be applied going forward.

If you are interested in starting a degree through CSU, contact Christie Ball at (251) 923-4239 x1330 or When you apply for admission, you will be asked if your employer is a Learning Partner. Answer “yes” and list the North Dakota Safety Council as the Learning Partner. The 10% tuition discount will be applied when you enroll in a course.

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NDSC Members receive an exclusive 5% discount on this award-winning service.

MSDSonline offers a powerful solution for businesses needing a cost-effective way to track and manage chemical hazards, and to provide employees with right-to-know access to the most up-to-date safety data sheets. Now, NDSC Members can get this award-winning solution at a special rate!

Simplify SDS Management with MSDSonline

Benefits of this service include:

• Exclusive 5% discount for NDSC Members
• Easy set-up and onboarding
• Automatically update your SDSs – over 12 million chemicals in the database!
• All employees can look up SDSs in emergencies with the MSDSonline SDS/Chemical Management • Mobile App
• Simplified secondary container labeling and regulatory reporting

Learn More about this Convenient Solution:

Download the MSDSonline Product Info Sheet.
Request a demo or quote by contacting our MSDSonline representative, Jonathan Lusk, at 312-881-2087 or
Register for an informational webinar. Click here for a schedule of dates and to register.

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NDSC Members receive free and discounted services including audiograms, health talks, and more.

• DOT Exams
DOT requires all commercial motor vehicle drivers to be evaluated by a certified medical examiner (CME) to ensure they are healthy enough to safely perform the demanding job of a driver. Sanford OccMed screenings follow the latest FMCSA regulations and are valid for up to 24 months.

• DOT and Non-DOT Drug Screens
Sanford OccMed will help you prevent and manage drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace. With a focus on employee safety, Sanford OccMed provides a wide network of collection facilities and certified collectors to meet your testing needs. They also offer complete management of DOT and non-DOT testing programs.

• Hearing Conservation Services
All worksites requiring hearing protection must comply with noise pollution and exposure standards set by OSHA. Sanford OccMed can help your business prevent hearing loss and keep your worker compensation costs at a minimum. Their licensed audiologists and providers will work with you to develop and maintain a program to meet those needs.

• Employment Exams
Sanford OccMed offers comprehensive examination options. Their screenings ensure your business is a good fit for new hires and that they are healthy throughout their employment. If an injury does happen, they make sure an employee’s recovery meets job requirements for a safe return to work. They also provide ancillary testing based on your company’s needs.

• Respiratory Fit Testing
OSHA regulations require workers who wear respirators and are exposed to workplace respiratory hazards to participate in a respiratory protection program. Respiratory fit testing determines if a respirator provides a proper seal around the face to avoid leaks of contaminated air while in use. Sanford OccMed will test the worker’s mask to ensure fit and show your employees how to wear a respirator mask. Both qualitative and quantitative testing options are available.

• Job Function Analysis (Free: 1 job title analysis per member)
Sanford OccMed’s Fit for Duty Program is designed around workplace injury prevention. Injury prevention ensures employees can physically perform their job tasks. One component of their Fit for Duty Program is the Job Function Analysis (JFA). The JFA is an onsite objective measurement of the specific tasks of a job that are used to develop a Job Function Description and Job Function Test.

• Sanford Profile Membership
Profile by Sanford is a weight loss program that pairs a science-based approach to weight loss with compassionate one-on-one nutrition coaching. A certified health coach will be your guide through your health and fitness journey to help you create lasting lifestyle changes and sustain your weight loss.

• Annual Health Talk (Free: 1 session per member)
The world of occupational medicine is constantly changing. To keep you and your team up to date, Sanford OccMed offers valuable educational training opportunities on a wide variety of important occupational medicine topics.

Many more!
Contact Sanford OccMed at (888) 600-2378 or via email at to discuss additional available discounted service offerings.

For questions or services, reach out to our partners at OccMed:
Dale Larson, Eastern ND – (701) 234-4700
or Wes Woodbury, Western ND – (701) 323-5222