50th Annual Safety + Health Conference speaker will help us all dream big

The North Dakota Safety Council announces Jim Craig as a keynote speaker for the 50th Annual Safety + Health Conference. On Thursday, Feb. 23, 2023, gold-medal goalie Jim Craig will inspire and motivate the crowd nearly 43 years to the day after leading Team USA to a gold medal in the ‘Miracle on Ice.’

“Every year our conference works to spark and inspire safety leaders, and Jim’s passion to build winning teams is one our attendees, exhibitors and sponsors can all believe in. Jim provides leadership and accountability insights that make him the perfect fit for our conference,”

Craig is best known as the backbone of the 1980 Olympic Gold Medal hockey team, whose ‘Miracle’ win was voted by Sports Illustrated as the greatest moment in sports history in the 21st century.

Over the past 40 years, Craig has carefully studied the expert leadership tactics of 1980 ‘Miracle’ team coach, Herb Brooks, and learned how what happened that day in 1980 was no ‘Miracle’ at all, but rather the result of powerful leadership, careful strategy, hard work and seamless execution. Craig experienced how a group of people from incredibly different backgrounds were able to come together in pursuit of a bigger dream, and Craig has a passion for inspiring others to do the same.

“Safety is a team sport, and we know people will leave the conference excited to help shape safety culture in their organization. We’re so excited to have Jim Craig be a part of our 50th Annual Conference,” says Clairmont.

2023 marks the 50th Annual Safety + Health Conference. As the region’s largest conference bringing together more than 1,000 professionals, the conference inspires, engages, and equips leaders to build safer workplaces. The conference is the gold standard in hands-on immersive training. Bringing together 50+ speakers, with more than 100 courses, and 150 exhibitors, the NDSC Safety + Health Conference creates opportunities to shine a light on safety.

As we mark this golden anniversary become a sponsor, be an exhibitor, or register to attend.