4 Easy Steps to Taking Advantage of your NDSC Membership

  • Create Your Training Account to Receive Member Discounts

    Be sure you’re logged in each time you register for a training to take
    advantage of member-exclusive discounts!

  • Sign Up for Your Free Safety & Health Subscription

    This magazine offers comprehensive national coverage of occupational safety news and analysis of industry trends.

  • Ensure the Right Employees are Receiving Safety Updates

    The NDSC shares relevant updates on regulation changes, free events, and safety trainings on a monthly basis. Your main membership contact automatically receives these emails. Make sure those responsible for safety training and products are also signed up by sending their names and email addresses to membership@ndsc.org.

  • Display Your Proud Member Logo

    Showcase your safety pride! Request your ‘Proud Member of NDSC’ logo so you can post to your internal and public websites, and link it to www.ndsc.org.

    Just fill out the form below, then we will verify your membership and email you the logo.

Don’t forget about other member benefits such as free consultations with our safety consultants, discounts on Sanford OccMed services, safety product discounts, and more!

Kristin Wilson
Business Development Director

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Did you know?

NDSC Membership saves you up to 33% off training!