Comedian and TV host to kick-off 50th Annual NDSC Safety + Health Conference

The North Dakota Safety Council is excited to announce Scott Bloom, a vibrant, engaging and comedic host, and keynote speaker for the NDSC’s 50th Annual Safety + Health Conference. On Wednesday, Feb. 22 2023, Scott Bloom will deliver a powerful message of connecting people with colleagues, co-workers and customers that goes beyond the ordinary.

“I’ve had the honor of seeing Scott Bloom entertain before. He’s an incredible and FUNNY speaker who I just had to bring to North Dakota. He will bring the energy to launch our three-day conference while connecting us to a meaningful message”

NDSC Executive Director Chuck Clairmont knew Scott Bloom was the perfect fit to open the 50th Annual Conference.

A comedian and television personality who has built a reputation as the go-to choice for business humor, Scott has hosted hundreds of events over two decades for companies such as FedEx, Ford, IBM, MetLife and Pfizer. Scott has also hosted his own weekly VH1 series and recently co-hosted a national simulcast of the Grammy Awards from the Palace Theater.

Scott draws from his professional and personal world to deliver a hilarious and insightful talk that illustrates the importance of connecting. And in today’s world where deeply personal and productive connections have been disrupted and diluted by a double whammy of rising digital interactions and a pandemic, this is especially significant. Scott shows how to rise above the challenge and reanimate meaningful connections by scratching below the surface, by pulling out the details, by getting personal and by making life fun.

2023 marks the 50th Annual Safety + Health Conference. As the region’s largest conference bringing together more than 1,000 professionals, the conference inspires, engages and equips leaders to build safer workplaces. The conference is the gold standard in immersive training. Bringing together 50+ speakers, with more than 100 courses, and 150 exhibitors, the NDSC Safety + Health Conference creates opportunities to shine a light on safety.

As we mark this golden anniversary become a sponsor, be an exhibitor or register to attend.