We’re on a mission to reduce tragedies related to alcohol through FREE Fake I.D. Training Events! Our first event will be held in Bismarck on Wednesday, April 28, from 11:30 am to 1 pm. If you are a bartender, server, and/or licensed bar or restaurant owner/manager/supervisor … you need to join us for this FREE interactive, hand-on learning event!

As an owner/manager, you likely understand the risks of overserving a customer or illegally serving someone under the age of 21. Our goal is to make sure EVERY SINGLE ONE of your SERVERS and EMPLOYEES does everything they can to ensure you don’t end up in a lawsuit! And while we’re at it, we plan on saving a few lives.

The law states that anyone who is injured by an obviously intoxicated individual can sue the person or establishment that knowingly sold alcohol to an individual under twenty-one or to an obviously intoxicated individual. If you or your company were found liable and damages were sought, having trained your staff with an alcohol server training course that addressed intoxication, drunk driving, and underage drinking, could limit any judgements against you. That’s where our FREE Fake I.D. Events come in!

In just 1.5 hours, we’ll discuss applicable laws, take a look at real and fake IDs, and you’ll get hands-on experience reading IDs – with and without a scanner. Don’t have a scanner? We have options!

Kathy Zander
Community Protection Manager

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Did you know? 

We offer RBS Training Courses for Basic Servers, Large Events, and Owners/Managers