Source: National Safety Council – Injury Facts 

  • In 2022, 46,027 people died in motor-vehicle crashes compared to 46,980 in 2021 and 42,338 in 2020.
  • The average day in 2022 experienced 114 traffic deaths.
  • On average in 2022, fatal car crashes were more frequent on weekends, peaking on Saturday. The number of nonfatal crashes tended to be higher on weekdays, peaking on Friday.

North Dakota:

Source: 2022 ND Crash Summary (ND Dept. of Transportation)

  • 98 people died on North Dakota roads in 2022; 3 fewer than in 2018.
  • Every 49 minutes one motor vehicle crash occurred, every 2 hours one person was injured in a crash, and every 4 days one person died in a crash in 2022.
  • 184 people have died in alcohol-related crashes in North Dakota over the past 5 years. Alcohol is a factor in about 38% of fatal crashed in North Dakota annually.
  • In North Dakota, teen drivers age 14-19 account for 6% of all licensed drivers but are behind the wheel in nearly 16% of all crashes.