Building a Positive Safety Culture

Many of our members are dedicated safety professionals working diligently to keep their colleagues safe. But several of you wrestle with the same question: how do we motivate employees to be safer on the job? More importantly, what may be causing them to make unsafe decisions? The answers to these questions can usually be found when you examine your safety culture.

During this fast-paced session, you’ll gain tools to help you begin your journey to creating a positive safety culture, including:

1. Tips for acquiring buy-in and support from management and supervisors
2. A list of key first steps to help you transform your culture
3. Ten proven safety performance tools to measure if your changes are making an impact
4. An Employee Safety Culture Survey to gauge how employees feel about your company’s safety culture

People may doubt what you say, but they will always believe in what you do. Attend this session to learn how to translate your genuine passion for the safety of your colleagues into a company-wide culture of caring.

Course Length
2 hours

Private Course
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