AED Checkup

About 400 workplace deaths from cardiac arrest are reported to OSHA each year. By purchasing an AED, you’ve taken the first step to protect your employees. Like fire extinguishers and respirators, the AED is an important, potentially life-saving device, but its effectiveness is determined by much more than simply having the device. A complete program that includes risk assessment, training, maintenance and recordkeeping must be in place. That’s where we come in!

The NDSC will visit your worksite to provide a free, comprehensive AED checkup that will help determine if your plan encompasses all best practices necessary for a successful and life-saving AED program. The checkup will take 30 to 60 minutes and will include an analysis of your employee training program; AED location assessment; care and supply audit; and training on maintenance items such as installing batteries and replacing pads.

This service is available upon request. Contact our First Aid Manager at (701) 751-6107 to schedule a checkup at your location!

Course Length
1 day (8 hours)

Private Course
Call 701-223-6372 to request pricing and schedule training.

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