Greg’s Credentials

Greg is a retired Engineering Supervisor who worked for the Falkirk Mining Company in Underwood for 37 years. He started with them out of college as a Mining/Reclamation Engineer and moved through the ranks as a Production Supervisor, Senior Mining Engineer, and finished his career as an Engineering Supervisor. In addition, Greg also served as a part of their safety management team.

NDSC, Authorized Instructor:

  • MSHA New Miner & Refresher Courses

Greg’s Testimonials

“Greg is a great instructor and very interactive”

“Greg was a very knowledgeable instructor”

“Greg made the course interesting”

“Greg shared awesome real-life experiences that made the class better”

“Great instructor that relates the topics to case studies”

“Instructor kept the course interesting the whole time”

“Greg has a ton of mining knowledge”

“Instructor shared the information in great detail”

“Greg explained things very well and gave real life examples”

“Knowledgeable instructor with a great attitude”

“Greg was kind and explained things really easily”

Safety Consultant


What do you do at NDSC?
My job is to conduct Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) annual and new miner certification. I was a Mining Engineer/Production Supervisor at Falkirk Mine for 37 years. I retired in 2019. The safety culture at Falkirk was “Safety First, Safety Always”. It was a company culture and words to live by…that you could go home from work every day to your family.

Why is NDSC’s mission to prevent injuries and save lives important to you?
I’ve seen both sides of workforce injuries, from minor injuries to fatalities. If my experiences can help one person take a step back and perform a task safely that otherwise might involve him/her getting injured, all my time spent instructing will have been worth the effort.

What are your hobbies?
My first passion is golfing, followed by hunting and then fishing in someone else’s boat. I enjoy working out and all things yoga.

Name one really interesting thing about yourself.
Many people have known me for a long time and don’t realize I do not see out of my left eye. I had a good friend I’d known for many years look at me recently and suggest I go to the doctor and have that eye looked at!

What other talents do you have?
I seem to be a naturally born tennis player as I won a state championship when I was 14. I lost the vision in my left eye in high school due to complications from a rare disease, so I took up golf.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?
Someday I will travel to St. Andrews Scotland to play golf at the Old Course and have a glass of scotch.

Favorite singer/band/song?
I’m a 70s/80s rocker. Journey in their early days with Steve Perry. Song-Lights, AC/DC, Angus Young Hells Bells, Misc. 80s Hair Bands, Dokken etc.

What’s the most embarrassing thing to happen to you?
Shooting a 5×5 whitetail buck with my pants around my knees. You’ll have to come to my class to hear the rest!

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
We need to find a way to get along…Liberals and Conservatives.

Biggest pet peeve?
People lifting weights for 3 sets on a weight machine, then texting on their phone while sitting on the machine between reps while people wait to use it.

What animal most closely matches your personality?
A Golden Retriever…always calm and very loyal.

What is your biggest strength and your biggest weakness?
Biggest strength is I’m a stubborn German, which is also my biggest weakness!

What store would you pick to max out your credit card?
No question…Scheels!