School Bus Driver Training

A minimum of 3 hours of bus driving training is required annually in North Dakota. A defensive driving course is required every 5 years. The North Dakota Safety Council is a reliable and up-to-date resource when it comes to training your school bus drivers.

Create Your Own Workshop:
Keep your drivers engaged by bringing them new and relevant topics, each year! Mix and match any of the 15 customizable modules to create the perfect 3-hour workshop!

Customizable Modules:
Module 1: Road Signs and Markings (30 minutes)
Module 2: Public Relations (30 minutes)
Module 3: Violence Prevention and Controlling Extreme Behavior (1.5 hours)
Module 4: First Aid for Bus Drivers (1 hour)
Module 5: Being a Professional School Bus Driver (1.5 hours)
Module 6: Traffic and Driver Safety (1 hour)
Module 7: Working with School Administrative Staff (30 minutes)
Module 8: Transporting Students with Emotional Disabilities (1 hour)
Module 9: Driver Fatigue (30 minutes)
Module 10: Being Involved in a Traffic Collision (30 minutes)
Module 11: Winter School Bus Safety (30 minutes)
Module 12: Controlling New Age Bullying (1 hour)
Module 13: Operation Lifesaver (1 hour)
Module 14: Night Driving (30 minutes)
Module 15: DDC Distracted Driving (1.5 hours)
Module 16: How to Safely Evacuate the School Bus (30 minutes)

Course Length
3 hours

Private Course
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