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Active Shooter Response
Explain how to apply the Department of Homeland Security’s Run, Hide, Fight protocol.

Basic Self-Protection Techniques
Watch demonstrations for simple escape tactics to utilize in the event of an attack.

Emergency Drills
Review best practices for conducting emergency drills in the workplace.

Enhancing Building Security
Learn basic principles to protect your employees.

Fire Extinguishers
Review proper use, storage and maintenance of fire extinguishers.

High Risk Employment Terminations
Review best practices to reduce the risk of violence when terminating employees.

Opioid Awareness
Learn the signs of addiction and best practices for employers.

Situational Awareness
Learn basic situational awareness practices to reduce your risk of becoming a victim.

Workplace Drug Abuse
Receive an overview of the signs of possible drug use in workers.

Workplace Harassment
Review policies and practices to protect your staff.

Workplace Violence
Learn the basic steps to reduce exposure to risk.

Basic Pandemic Safety Response
Review best practices to protect employees during a pandemic.

Cold Weather Safety
Discuss important safety tips for working in extreme cold.

Effects of Cold Temperatures on PPE
Learn how the extreme temperatures in ND can affect your PPE and what to do when you exceed it.

Employee Communication
Learn key concepts for effectively communicating safety and other important information to your employees.

Hot Weather Safety
Discuss basic safety tips for working in extreme heat.

Human Factors in Safety
Learn some of the ways our brain can short circuit our safety and some of the strategies you can use to control that problem. Will discuss JSA/JHA, permits and PPE as controls.

Proper Selection of Chemical Resistant Gloves
Learn the basics of selecting the proper material for your chemical resistant gloves so that they do not fail.

Rigging and Signaling in Cold Weather
Discuss how extreme temperatures will affect your rigging equipment and crane and the methods for controlling the increased risk while exceeding those ratings.

Slips, Trips and Falls
Learn simple precautions you can take to reduce employee incidents.

Task Training
In the face of changing workloads, learn how to ensure your workers are properly trained when assigned new tasks.

Work Distractions
Discuss how home life stressors can impact the ability of a worker to safely perform their job.

Worker Fatigue
Whether it’s stress, shift work, or lack of sleep, learn simple precautions to identify and address worker fatigue.

Aggressive Driving and Road Rage
Learn to avoid these behaviors and what to do if confronted.

Compliance Safety and Accountability (CSA)
Learn how CSA works and why it’s important.

Driver Distractions
Learn the top distractions behind-the-wheel and tips to avoid them.

Fatigued Driving
Learn the signs of fatigue and best practices to be safe

Impaired Driving
Remind employees of the risks associated with impaired driving.

Lane Management
Discuss how to safely use and change lanes.

Proper Following Distance
Discuss the dangers of tailgating and how to calculate proper following distance.

Safe Passing
Learn how to apply the 4 R’s of a safe pass.

Seatbelt Use
Review the importance of the most basic safety precaution in a vehicle: wearing your seatbelt.

Understand risk and time saving myths regarding speeding.

Winter Driving
Review basic driving tips for winter weather conditions.


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