All current NDSC members receive ONE free registration for ONE of the following public courses below:

  • CPR/AED/First Aid Course, adult in-person
  • Defensive Driving Course (DDC-4), in-person
  • OSHA 10 Hour Construction Course (ECCS), in-person
  • OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Course, in-person

This benefit is ONLY available to current NDSC members. Not sure if your company is a member? Click here for our member directory.

Yourself and your FREE person MUST take the same public course to be eligible for this benefit.

Important disclaimers for the BOGO benefit:

  • This BOGO member benefit can only be used ONE time to current NDSC members.
  • You can only use the BOGO on the following public courses; Defensive Driving Course – 4 Hour, OSHA 10 hour construction course, OSHA 10 hour general industry or CPR/AED/First Aid, Adult courses that are held in-person. This BOGO CANNOT be used on the OSHA 10 hour (construction or general), Defensive Driving Course – 4 Hour, or CPR/AED/First Aid, Adult online courses.
  • When registering yourself and your ONE free person, you MUST both attend the same class date.
  • Upon registration your current NDSC membership will be verified.