Sponsorship Opportunities

We host the conference. You get the credit. Together we save lives.


Safety is about people. We can’t say it any simpler – and there is nothing more important to focus on during our Annual Conference. John’s story tells the story of safety through the eyes of someone impacted by a life-altering workplace injury, and fully embodies the reason we put on the conference. We do this because safety really is about people. Not other people…YOUR people.


No matter your industry, there are dangers that could impact your employees. But with broader awareness and impactful training, we know more incidents can be prevented. That’s where we need your help.


As a sponsor of the 2020 Conference, your support will help provide training at an affordable rate so your company, and others, can gain the knowledge and tools needed to implement and properly manage their safety programs.


Benefits of Sponsorship:
Top sponsors receive many benefits, including free attendance for 2-7 employees, logo recognition in professionally developed marketing materials, recognition in statewide advertising, and more.


If you choose to sponsor, you’ll likely be in good company. 2019 sponsors included Marathon, Sanford OccMed, Hess, Roco Rescue, Basin Electric and Dakota Gasification Company, Bobcat, CP, North American Coal, and many more. Click here to see a full list of 2019 conference sponsors.


Become a Sponsor Today!
To secure your sponsorship for the 2020 event, please contact Kristin Wilson at 701-751-6115 or email KristinW@ndsc.org.