Thank You For Helping Us Raise $12,447
On Giving Hearts Day! 


February 14, 2020 – Giving Hearts Day is the most giving day of the year in North Dakota and in just 24 hours, you helped us raise $12,447 to purchase distance learning technology needed to make quality training easily accessible across North Dakota.


Our vision to make North Dakota the safest state in the nation can only be achieved with your support and partnership.


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for standing with us on this journey!


Deadline for Safety Awards
Quickly Approaching


February 4, 2020 – The NDSC’s awards program honors member companies with outstanding safety programs; employees and instructors who make safety a top priority; and those who have gone above and beyond to improve safety in their workplaces and the communities they serve.


Applications are available for the following categories:

  • Workplace Safety Merit Award
  • Outstanding Safety Instructor
  • Safe Driver Award – Division 1 & 2
  • Star Driver Award – Division 1 & 2
  • Community Advancement Award
  • Safety Improvement Award
  • Safety Management Excellence Award
  • Lifesaver Award

Application deadline is Monday, March 2. Visit our awards page for award criteria and online applications.

Avoid Slips, Trips and Falls
With These Simple Tips


January 28, 2020 – For some people, falls result in embarrassment, skinned knees or broken bones. For others, falls can signal the beginning of lifestyle changes – or even lead to death. From 2014 to 2018, 452 North Dakotans died from fall-related injuries.* And according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every 20 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall and many more are injured.


Falls are not a natural part of aging and they can be prevented. Click here for some great tips.


* North Dakota Department of Health

When Weather Conditions Change,
So Should Your Driving!


January 7, 2020 – Driving in the winter can be harrowing. Snow, sleet and ice can lead to hazardous road conditions that challenge even the most experienced driver. We want to remind drivers that, when weather conditions change, so should your driving.


By getting your car ready for winter and using these simple tips, you can stay safe on the road this winter:

  1. Do NOT use your cruise control
  2. Increase your following distances to 8 – 10 seconds
  3. Never brake or accelerate in a turn, adjust speed before any turn
  4. Avoid using your parking brake to slow or stop

For more safety tips and a checklist of what to include in your survival kit, download our winter driving safety tip sheet.

Now Through January is Prime Time for
House Fires – Follow These Safety Tips to
Avoid House Fires


December 4, 2019 – Holiday fires kill over 400 Americans every year and cause more than $990 million in damage. From cooking fires to faulty wiring on Christmas lights, this is the time of year when fire departments around the country are inundated with calls. While you are decorating your house this holiday season, reduce your risk of fires or injuries by following these safety tips.


  • Check all tree lights (even new ones) for frayed wires or loose connections.
  • Do not overload extension cords and unplug when not in use.
  • Keep candles at least three feet away from flammable materials.
  • Store candles, lighters, and matches in a locked cabinet away from children.
  • If you are getting a real tree, do not let the water level drop below the fresh cut level and keep your tree well hydrated.
  • Do not place your tree (real or artificial) within 3 feet of a radiator, space heater, fireplace, or heat vent.

Download our holiday safety tip sheet and our Christmas tree safety tip sheet for even more safety tips.

2018-2019 Annual Report: A Story of Successes Fueled by Partnerships & Passion


November 14, 2019 – When you ask someone in the safety profession what motivates them, you get a variety of answers. For some, it’s family. Others have experienced the devastation caused by a preventable death and are devoted to ensuring no one else experiences the same heartbreak.


In our 2018-2019 Annual Report, you’ll get a glimpse into the hearts of NDSC employees as they share pieces of their stories, giving you insights into what makes them so passionate about pursuing our mission.


The successes shared in our annual report are proof of what can be accomplished when a network of professionals fueled by passion set out to pursue a mission.


Read our 2018-2019 Annual Report now!

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