Office Manager


What do you do at NDSC?
I am the Office Manager. I have an associates degree in Graphic Design as well as Management from BSC. I answer phone calls, reconcile classes, help run the OSCA lab, and help all departments with various tasks.

Why is NDSC’s mission to prevent injuries and save lives important to you?
My family works in a wide range of industries from farming to corporate offices and I want them to each get home safe every night.

What are your hobbies?
I love to kayak, camp, hike, garden, and do home renovations with my husband.

What other talents do you have?
Watercolor painting or painting/drawing of any kind. Art has always been a passion of mine!

Who would play you in a movie?
Hilary Duff

What’s on your bucket list?
To go whale watching in Alaska

What store would you pick to max out your credit card?
Ikea or Target. Home décor is my weakness.

Name one really interesting thing about yourself.
I got married in Glacier National Park in 2017