Grant Provides FREE Alive at 25 Classes to Watford City Senior Class

Grant funding from the Hess Corporation and the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) made it possible for the North Dakota Safety Council (NDSC) to offer Alive at 25, a defensive driving course, to Watford City High School graduating seniors the morning of Thursday, April 29. The class is free, and students will attend as part of their school day.

Traffic crashes are the number one cause of death for drivers between the ages of 14 and 24. Alive at 25 is a half day defensive driving course designed to reduce traffic-related injuries and fatalities for young drivers. The course focuses on behaviors, decision-making, and unique risks young drivers face every time they get behind the wheel.

“Alive at 25 provides training that can save the lives of young people who are at much greater risk of dying in a traffic crash than any other age group. We’re so pleased to be working with the Watford City School District to make this happen, and grateful to our Hess and the DOT for their support,”

Alive at 25 is one of several courses we offer that may lower automobile insurance premiums for families. To learn more about Alive at 25 click here.