Conference Sessions

Each year we secure a dynamic lineup of 80-90 breakout sessions taught by 50+ first-class speakers from around the country. Whether you’re a front line supervisor, trade worker, or safety director overseeing hundreds of employees, you’ll find training for every level designed to strengthen safety cultures, improve safety communication and build leadership skills.

Our lineup includes:

  • A unique line-up of hands-on courses
  • Leading-edge safety concepts
  • Proven best practices taught by some of the safest companies in the nation
  • A leadership and communication track appropriate for safety and non-safety professionals
  • Industry specific topics
  • Regulation updates
  • And so much more!

Are you interested in speaking at the 2021 event?

Several speakers from the 2020 event provided electronic versions of their presentations and handouts. Click the links below to download resources from your favorite sessions!

A02 Contractor Pitfalls: What You Should KnowSara Cote – Workforce Safety & Insurance 

A03 Culture Wins, Dean Heffta – Clarus Results 

A04 Machine Guarding Risk Assessment, Paul Zoubek – Zoubek Consulting, LLC 

A12 An Introduction to Error Reduction and Prevention, Ron Pryor – Fisher Improvement Technologies, Inc. 

A15 Booze, Drugs & Violence: Limiting Liabilities in the Modern Workplace, Adam Young – Seyfarth Shaw LLP

A21 The Art of Adaptive Communication, Dean Heffta – Clarus Results

A22 Workers’ Compensation Fraud In ND, Stacey Kautzman – WSI

A25 Building a Resilient Team, Dean Heffta – Clarus Results 

A26 Fatigue in the Workplace, Emily Whitcomb – National Safety Council

A27 How Personalities Influence Performance and Perceptions of RiskRon Pryor – Fisher Improvement Technologies, Inc.

A30 Silica and the Competent Person, John Young – OSHA

A33 What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You! The Benefits of In-Truck Camera Technology, Anthony Stoner – Border States Electric

Keynote – Big Goals In Short Order, Vince Poscente – Radical Safety

B04 Functional Safety Solutions: Moving the Body & Training the Brain for Optimal Safety, Ryan Beckwith – A3 Sports & Wellness, Inc. 

B05 Get Your Hard Hat On: Construction Safety Law in NDAdam Young – Seyfarth Shaw LLP

B11 What Can Leaders Do? Utilizing the Essential Leadership Cycle to Drive Incident Prevention, Ron Pryor – Fisher Improvement Technologies, Inc.

B15 Leader as a Coach, Dean Heffta – Clarus Results 

B21 Work to Zero: Eliminating Death on the Job Through Technology, Emily Whitcomb – National Safety Council 

B24 Expectations of a Competent Person’s Knowledge in Trenching and Excavating, Shawn Damberger – OSHA 

B29 Practical Application of Rasmussen’s Performance Modes to Prevent Incidents and Injuries, Ron Pryor – Fisher Improvement Technologies, Inc.

B31 What to Expect From OSHA in 2020 and Beyond, Adam Young – Seyfarth Shaw LLP

B33 Busy Doesn’t Mean Productive, Dean Heffta – Clarus Results 

B35 MEWPs – If You Don’t Know What It Means, You Need To Attend, Rob Vetter – IVES Training Group 

B36 NFPA 70E Updates and Changes: FR & Safety Impacts, Kam Alipour – Cintas Corporation 

C05 Moving Beyond OSHA ComplianceRichard Pollock – Rivendell Safety Consulting, LLC

C06 My Ideas Are Good, DangIt, Nicole Turchin & Kurtis Karn – Sunshine & 79

C07 Powered Industrial Trucks: A User’s GuideRob Vetter – IVES Training Group

C11 7 Habits of Highly Effective Trainers, Rob Vetter – IVES Training Group

C12 Assessing Your Safety CultureRichard Pollock – Rivendell Safety Consulting, LLC

C19 Truth-Telling Without the Help of Beer, Nicole Turchin & Kurtis Karn – Sunshine & 79

Questions about the Conference?

If you have a question about the show, or are interested in being a speaker, vendor or sponsor, drop us a line today!

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