Worker Participation Can Help Create Safer Workplaces

Worker participation means engaging workers at all levels in establishing, implementing, evaluating, and improving safety and health in the workplace. This helps build morale with all employees because they understand they are a valuable partner in making their workplace safer. They will also feel more confident in communicating with management about potential job hazards. Employees are a great resource to improve safety in the workplace because they are doing the day-to-day activities and have great ideas to implement safety.

Make sure to recognize your workers and/or teams that have contributed to workplace safety. Some ideas on how to reward those teams are below:

  • Host a Celebration for Them
    At the celebration recognize individuals who went above and beyond to implement the safety program. You could also talk about near misses or lead a safety and health training. Have your leaders reinforce the importance of everyone’s involvement in keeping the workplace safe.
  • Reward Safe Workers
    Find employees who are following all the protocols and safety measurements you have in place and reward them for their efforts. You could also give your employees a certificate or small prize to reward them for their efforts as well.
  • Initiate a “Safety Hall of Fame”
    Collect nominations from employees on which employees should be submitted for the Safety Hall of Fame.
    Host an awards ceremony to hand out the safety certificates and post about it on your social media page.
  • Have Lunch with the Boss or Executives
    Encourage the safety employee and/or team to have lunch with the boss or executives to discuss the progress or problems they are inquiring about workplace safety.

For more ideas on how your workers can participate in your safety program, check out OSHA’s Safe + Sound website.

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