“I have lost two people very close to me through fatal industrial incidents. They both left a wife and children. I do not want to see other families devastated by events like this. Doing everything that I can, to keep this from happening to others, lives with me every day.”
Rick Halldorson
Senior Safety Consultant – Eastern ND
Rick Halldorson was employed in industry for 28 years 14 years of those years in safety management including program design, auditing, incident investigations, back-to-work programs and process safety management auditing.  At his previous position, Rick developed, organized and conducted training programs for 110 plant employees, including industrial forklift, respiratory protection, industrial ergonomics, industrial rail yard safety, lockout of hazardous energy, permit required confined spaces, fire and gas detection, behavior-based safety programs, and management of the Workers Comp program.

His safety duties also included monitoring safety management systems for contractor groups that were on the industrial site at which he worked. He was included in incident investigations for the contractors and monitoring and coaching on their inclusion in behavior based programs that were employed on site and OSHA safety program training as well as other site specific safety needs.

Rick has experienced the loss of 4 people who died on the workplace where they were employed. Two of these were very close to Rick and he still feels their loss today. He feels that injury and death in the workplace is totally unacceptable and totally avoidable.

For the past 5 years Rick has been employed as a Safety Consultant with the North Dakota Safety Council.

“Instructor made the class easy to follow and had a great presentation.”


“Made me nervous with all the mentions of death, but it did provide a lot of information and drove home the need for safety practices.”


“Enjoyed the great use of online info.”


“It was great to have all my questions answered by an instructor that has worked in the field.”


“You can really tell that Rick enjoys what he does.”


“I really liked the instructor’s amount of knowledge and on-site experience, it allowed for a better training.”


“My favorite part of the course was the instructor’s knowledge and poise. He was very personable and had a sense of humor too!”


“Rick is a very thorough and experienced instructor that teaches from a position of experience that was appreciated by the group.”


“Rick is a very passionate and thoughtful instructor. I would take any course with him.”


“Excellent training. Rick makes information easy to understand and goes the extra mile to look things up and get answers and shares material.”