“Your safety is based on the decisions you make. I do what I do to ensure workers have good, usable information set as the foundation of their decision making process.”
Dustin Austin
Safety Consultant
Dustin Austin is a former EHS Director from the oil and gas industry in the Bakken. Dustin has more than 25 years of experience in Heavy Industrial environments. Whether Mining in the bottom of a deep pit or digging pipeline over the Rocky Mountains, setting explosive charges or monitoring radiation levels, Dustin has had many opportunities to see and experience many of the normal and extreme hazards on worksites in his career. Since 2001 Dustin has been using that experience in the Safety field to help ensure that workers are protected from hazards. Dustin’s many years in industry and the safety field earned him the following qualifications:

“Dustin was by far the best instructor we have ever trained with.”

“Excellent instructor. Makes the class fun.”

“Great Job! One of the best safety courses I have had in 14 years. Thanks.”

“Dustin did great! He really knows his stuff.”

“I love taking Dustin’s classes – he knows his stuff and is very passionate about what he is teaching!”

“Dustin was a phenomenal instructor. We always request Dustin.”

“The instructor was funny, entertaining and knowledgeable.”

“I like the fact that the instructor had previously worked in the industry and had real life experience.”

“The instructor was very personable and was able to make the importance of safety hit home.”

“Very fun and awesome! Great videos and music.”

“My favorite part of this course was Dustin’s knowledge of regulations and how he presents them. I always learn something from him.”

“The instructor was very knowledgeable on the industry and showed emotion while teaching.”

“I loved the instructor’s personal experience and devotion to safety.”

“Dustin was able to apply situations to my daily life and made me want to be more aware.”