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“Your safety is based on the decisions you make. I do what I do to ensure workers have good, usable information set as the foundation of their decision making process.”
Dustin Austin
Safety Consultant

Dustin Austin is a former EHS Director from the oil and gas industry in the Bakken. Dustin has more than 25 years of experience in Heavy Industrial environments. Whether Mining in the bottom of a deep pit or digging pipeline over the Rocky Mountains, setting explosive charges or monitoring radiation levels,  Dustin has had many opportunities to see and experience many of the normal and extreme hazards on worksites in his career. Since 2001 Dustin has been using that experience in the Safety field to help ensure that workers are protected from hazards.  Dustin’s many years in industry and the safety field earned him the following qualifications:

OSHA 500, Authorized Trainer
          OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Construction Industry
OSHA 501, Authorized Trainer
          OSHA 10 & 30 Hour General Industry
OSHA 5810, Authorized Trainer
Field Leadership for Oil & Gas E & P, Authorized Trainer
Field Leadership for Oil & Gas E & P, Authorized Trainer Train the Trainer
OSHA Recordkeeping Instructor
National Safety Council Qualified Instructor:
          Ergonomics, Managing for Results
          Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis
          Job Safety Analysis
          Principles of Occupational Safety & Health
          Safety Systems
          Safety Management Techniques
          Safety Training Methods
          Team Safety
          CPR/AED/First Aid – Adult
PEC Certified Instructor:
          PEC SafeLandUSA Basic Orientation
          PEC Safeland/SafeGulf Core Compliance
          PEC Safeland/SafeGulf Core Refresher
          PEC H2S Clear
IVES Equipment Operator Instructor:
          Counterbalanced Forklift
          Rough Terrain Forklift         
          Aerial Work Platform
          Aerial Boom Lift
          Crane Truck
          Mobile Crane
          Skid Steer
National Crane Institute Qualified Instructor:
          Qualified Rigging
          Qualified Signalperson
MSHA Authorized Trainer:
          MSHA Part 46 - New Miner & Refresher
Roco Rescue Qualified Instructor:
          Confined Space Entrant & Attendant, Qualified & Competent Person
          Confined Space Entry Supervisor, Qualified & Competent Person
NDSC Authorized Instructor:
          ECCS Refresher
          DOT Compliance
          Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors
          Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness
          Confined Space for Construction
          Fall Protection Awareness
          Lift Truck Operator Trainer
          Lift Truck Operator Master Trainer
          Confined Spaces
          Managing Silica Hazards

“I like the fact that the instructor had previously worked in the industry and had real life experience.”

“The instructor was very personable and was able to make the importance of safety hit home.”

“My favorite part of this course was Dustin's knowledge of regulations and how he presents them. I always learn something from him.”

“The instructor was very knowledgeable on the industry and showed emotion while teaching.”

“I loved the instructor’s personal experience and devotion to safety.”

“Dustin was able to apply situations to my daily life and made me want to be more aware.”


Chelle Doll

"Working as an EMT-I in the past, I have seen a lot of people not make it because no one around knew CPR. There is no schedule for a cardiac arrest and we never know where it will happen, but I am glad I know what to do to help give someone the best chance of surviving."
Chelle Doll
Safety Consultant

Chelle has trained hundreds of people in 78 different U.S. cities over the past 13 years in sales, relationship building and communication. She also has prior experience working as a 911 Operator for State Radio and as an emergency medical technician (EMT).

National Safety Council Certified Instructor and Instructor Trainer:
          CPR/AED/First Aid – Adult
          CPR/AED/First Aid – Pediatric
          Defensive Driving Course - Alive at 25
          Defensive Driving Course - Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving
“I've had this training before, however Chelle is the best instructor I've ever had. 10 stars.”
“My favorite part of the course was the knowledge of the instructor and her teaching style. Very thorough and explained well.”
“I loved the instructor’s energy, I never had a chance to get bored or tired.”
“Chelle helped me feel confident to put my training to use in the real world.”
“She was very engaging, she made us want to participate.”
“Chelle did a great job, has a great speaking voice, and clearly is knowledgeable.”
“This class was absolutely fantastic! Chelle hit it out of the park. Chelle is a rock star!”

Skyler Dutton

“For safety to be important, to most people, it needs to be personal. It is my goal to help people understand how their decisions and actions regarding safety can have an effect on their loved ones and the loved ones of others in our communities.”

Skyler Dutton
Safety Consultant
- Eastern ND

Skyler is located at the NDSC's Fargo office. He earned his degree in Criminal Justice and Physical Education at Jamestown College prior to attending the Law Enforcement Training Academy in Bismarck in 2004. Skyler was a volunteer firefighter as well as a North Dakota police officer for nine years. While working as an officer, Skyler served as a certified drug recognition expert and school resource officer. Most recently, Skyler worked as a health, safety & environmental manager and logistics coordinator in the Bakken.

National Safety Council Certified Instructor:
          CPR/AED/First Aid – Adult
          Defensive Driving Course - 4 Hour
          School Bus Driving Training
Certified Instructor: 
          Adverse Weather Driving Course - Slippery Slope
          Building & Emergency Preparedness Risk Assessments
          Coach Me Advanced Behind-The-Wheel Training 
          Emergency  Preparedness & Response Risk Assessments
          Houses of Worship Violence Planning & Management      
          Opioid Awareness
          Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors
          Responsible Beverage Server
          Responsible Beverage Server TTT
          School Violence Planning & Management      
          Self Protection & Predator Awareness
          Sexual Harassment Training for Employees
          Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors
          Workplace Violence Awareness
          Workplace Violence Planning & Management

Testimonials for Skyler coming soon.


Gus Gantzer
"Safety matters to me because I have a family and friends I want to see tomorrow. I want everybody else, especially the people we work with, to have that same privilege."
Gus Gantzer
Safety Consultant

Gus Gantzer has held a North Dakota journeyman’s electrical license for over 20 years with more than 15 years of experience in industrial electrical construction and maintenance. He is a former electrical controls expert for the federal government, where he oversaw the fire alarm & security alarm systems, lightning protection, and anti-vehicle penetration systems at 102 U.S. Air National Guard Bases, as well as the training for all U.S. Air National Guard Personnel. With a Diploma of Occupational Proficiency from Moorhead Technical College in Construction Electricity, Gantzer also has prior experience as a certified course instructor with knowledge in development and implementation of courses. Gantzer came to the NDSC from the Bakken oilfield, where he spent five years as an oilfield electrician, controls technician, and consultant.

National Safety Council Certified Instructor:
          Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving- 8 Hour
          Defensive Driving Course- 4 Hour
          CPR/AED/First Aid - Adult
          Professional Truck Driver, Defensive Driving Course
Certified Instructor:
          Confined Spaces Awareness
          Coach Me Advanced Behind-The-Wheel Training
          e-Hazard Low Voltage Training
          e-Hazard High Voltage Training
          Lift Truck Operator
          Managing Sillica Awareness
          NFPA 70E (Arc Flash Safety) - Low Voltage
          NFPA 70E (Arc Flash Safety) - High Voltage
          PEC Core Compliance
          PEC Core Refresher
          PEC H2S Clear
          PEC SafeLandUSA Basic Orientation
          Responsible Beverage Server
          Refinery Safety Orientation
          Slippery Slope Adverse Weather Safety Course
          Traffic Control for Supervisors
          Trenching and Excavation
          Workplace Violence Prevention - 2 Hour
          Workplace Violence Planning & Management - 4 Hour

“The instructor related information to real life situations.”

“Instructor did a great job of keeping the class engaged.”

“Gus made sure the course met the needs of our company.”

“The instructor made sure there was a lot of class participation.”

“The instructor related the course to day to day life.”


"I have lost two people very close to me through fatal industrial incidents. They both left a wife and children. I do not want to see other families devastated by events like this. Doing everything that I can, to keep this from happening to others, lives with me every day."
Rick Halldorson
Senior Safety Consultant - Eastern ND

Rick Halldorson was employed in industry for 28 years 14 years of those years in safety management including program design, auditing, incident investigations, back-to-work programs and process safety management auditing.

At his previous position, Rick developed, organized and conducted training programs for 110 plant employees, including industrial forklift, respiratory protection, industrial ergonomics, industrial rail yard safety, lockout of hazardous energy, permit required confined spaces, fire and gas detection, behavior-based safety programs, and management of the Workers Comp program.

His safety duties also included monitoring safety management systems for contractor groups that were on the industrial site at which he worked. He was included in incident investigations for the contractors and monitoring and coaching on their inclusion in behavior based programs that were employed on site and OSHA safety program training as well as other site specific safety needs.

Rick has experienced the loss of 4 people who died on the workplace where they were employed. Two of these were very close to Rick and he still feels their loss today. He feels that injury and death in the workplace is totally unacceptable and totally avoidable.

For the past 5 years Rick has been employed as a Safety Consultant with the North Dakota Safety Council.

MSHA Authorized Trainer:
          MSHA Part 46, Sand & Gravel – New Miner & Refresher
National Safety Council Certified Instructor:
          Advanced Safety Certificate Program
          Defensive Driving Course- 4 Hour
          Defensive Driving Course - Professional Truck
          CPR/AED/First Aid – Adult
          CPR/AED/First Aid – Pediatric
          Lift Truck Operator
          School Bus Driver Training
          Slippery Slope Adverse Weather Safety Course
National Safety Council Certified Instructor Trainer:
          Lift Truck Operator
OSHA 500, Authorized Trainer:
          OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Construction Industry
OSHA 501, Authorized Trainer:
          OSHA 10 & 30 Hour General Industry
OSHA 500, 501, 502, 503, 510 & 511 Authorized Trainer
OSHA RecordKeeping, Authorized Trainer
Competent in Industrial Rail Yard Safety Program
Program Auditor for Process Safety Management
          for Flammable Chemicals
Railroad Safety Presentations
Respiratory Protection Program Administrator
Certified Instructor:
          Confined Spaces
          Construction Focus Four
          ECCS Construction Refresher
          ECCS General Industry Refresher
          Fall Protection - Construction
          Hearing Conservation
          Ladder and Stairway Safety
          Lock Out/Tagout
          Machine Guarding
          Site Safety Assessments
          Supervisory Development
          Trenching and Excavation - 2 Hour Certified

“Instructor made the class easy to follow and had a great presentation.”

“It was great to have all my questions answered by an instructor that has worked in the field.”

“You can really tell that Rick enjoys what he does.”

“I really liked the instructor’s amount of knowledge and on-site experience, it allowed for a better training.”

“My favorite part of the course was the instructor's knowledge and poise. He was very personable and had a sense of humor too!”

"Rick is a very thorough and experienced instructor that teaches from a position of experience that was appreciated by the group."


"If I can just be a part of one person not going home via the hospital then it makes teaching people to work safely very worthwhile. It is a sad day when people get badly hurt on the job. It is ALWAYS avoidable."

Richard Irish
Safety Consultant

Richard Irish is a retired plant manager and technical director with 35 years of experience in the construction and operation of various processing plants both in South Africa and the United States. He obtained a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

National Safety Council Certified Instructor:
          CPR/AED/First Aid - Adult
          Defensive Driving Course - 4 Hour
          Defensive Driving Course – Attitudinal Dynamics
          of Driving
          Lift Truck Operator Instructor Trainer
OSHA 500, Authorized Trainer:
          OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Construction Industry
OSHA 501, Authorized Trainer:
          OSHA 10 & 30 Hour General Industry
OSHA Recordkeeping, Authorized Trainer
Certified Instructor:
          Confined Spaces
          Construction Focus Four
          Fall Protection – Construction
          OSHA Recordkeeping
          School Bus Driver
          Slippery Slope Adverse Weather Driver
          Safety Course

“I loved that the instructor wasn’t only knowledgeable on the subject, but passionate about it as well.”

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and professional.”

“The instructor made it free to ask questions, it was a fun way to go through the course.”

“My favorite thing about the course was the instructor’s vast experience.”

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