“Working as an EMT-I in the past, I have seen a lot of people not make it because no one around knew CPR. There is no schedule for a cardiac arrest and we never know where it will happen, but I am glad I know what to do to help give someone the best chance of surviving.”
Chelle Doll
Safety Consultant
Chelle has trained hundreds of people in 78 different U.S. cities over the past 13 years in sales, relationship building and communication. She also has prior experience working as a 911 Operator for State Radio and as an emergency medical technician (EMT).

“I’ve had this training before, however Chelle is the best instructor I’ve ever had. 10 stars.”
“My favorite part of the course was the knowledge of the instructor and her teaching style. Very thorough and explained well.”
“I loved the instructor’s energy, I never had a chance to get bored or tired.”
“Chelle helped me feel confident to put my training to use in the real world.”
“She was very engaging, she made us want to participate.”
“Chelle did a great job, has a great speaking voice, and clearly is knowledgeable.”
“This class was absolutely fantastic! Chelle hit it out of the park. Chelle is a rock star!”