Distracted Driving Awareness Materials


Thousands die needlessly each year because people continue to drive distracted, including using a cell phone while driving, handheld or hands-free. The following materials are available exclusively to NDSC Members to help promote safe driving practices and raise awareness to prevent needless crashes. Download the materials and start raising the awareness at your company!


2019 Distracted Driving Awareness Month Materials

Help us spread the word about distracted driving this April by sharing these free resources!


Social Media

Everything you need to share the #JustDrive message on social media is in this Just Drive Social Media Kit.


Posters and Infographics

It Was Just
When Convenience is Dangerous Fact Sheet

The Great Multitasking Lie




Take the Pledge


Training for Employees

Enroll your employees in our new DDC Distracted Driving online course.


Safe Driving Kit for Employers

Employers have a significant role in reducing vehicle crashes. Through workplace policies and education, employers can protect their workforce and their organizations, and in turn, protect employees’ families and communities.


NSC and its sponsor, Wheels, have released the free NSC Safe Driving Kit:


    • It helps safety and HR professionals build senior management support for policies and education to influence safer driving behaviors.
    • It provides policies and educational materials that look at top factors in fatal crashes: distraction, alcohol, drugs and fatigue.
    • It contains a myriad of safe driving resources and ready-made communication tools to educate employees, including videos, fact sheets and FAQs, infographics, posters, survivor advocate stories, and more.



Other Available Downloads & Tools


Employer Cell Phone Policy Kit (click here)


Fact Sheet: Distracted Driving


Deserve to Disconnect
Do You See What We See?
What’s More Important?


Tip Sheets
Myths and Facts
Pledge to be an Attentive Driver


Under Reporting of Cell Phone Crashes
Avoid the Dash to the Dashboard


Hands Free is Not Risk Free
Driving Down Distraction
The Great Multitasking Lie