Cell Phone Policy Kit Documents


Introduction (668 KB)
Message From the President (644 KB)
Customizable Press Release (11 KB)


Building Management Support Components


Generic Cell Phone Policy (631 KB)
Frequently Asked Questions (693 KB)
Executive Summary Power Point (503 KB)
Executive Summary of Risks (695 KB)
Employee Policy (696 KB)
Call to Action (663 KB)


Attributable Risk Estimate


Risk Estimate Summary (104 KB)
Risk Estimate Model (66 KB)


Employee Roll-Out Components


Voice Mail Teaser to Employees (630 KB)
Voice Mail Greetings (632 KB)
Top 8 List (633 KB)
Tips (663 KB)
Presentation Script (667 KB)
Poster – Pull Over and Park (77 KB)
Poster – Focus on Your Driving (120 KB)
Pocket Policy Card (634 KB)
Article to Inform (663 KB)