At the NDSC, we are dedicated to providing high quality safety training and reaching as many people as possible because we KNOW it makes a difference. The stats prove it and the stories illustrate the lasting impact of a life lost or a life saved.


Safety is about keeping families whole.


In 2015, contact with objects and transportation incidents accounted for almost three-fourths of all fatal work injuries in ND.
Source: USDOL Bureau of Labor Statistics


In 2015, more than 9 out of 10 deaths and about 77% of all medically consulted injuries suffered by workers in the U.S. occurred off-the-job.
Source: NSC Injury Facts, 2017


Sprains, strains, and tears were the most common type of injury involving days away from work, accounting for 36% of injuries in private industry.
Source: NSC Injury Facts, 2017


In 2015, ND Workforce Safety & Insurance reported 24,767 total claims filed. The average medical claim was $1,623 and the average loss time claim was $99,982 to the employer.
Source: ND Workforce Safety & Insurance